Talend Middleware Solutions

Talend Middleware Solutions

Our partnership with Talend is a strong one. Talend is a Software Company that offers software for open source integration.  With these solutions, you can gain more value from your databases, systems, and applications. Talend has as their strongpoint their proprietary model of enterprise-grade technologies that cover data integration and application integration. Their open source software is also highly beneficial because of its ability to meet the needs of a variety of sizes of organizations.

Talend is a known leader in open source middleware and we are proud to partner with them here at Neuswyft. As more organizations are now choosing open source middleware we are seeing a shift in the market for enterprise infrastructure. Open source middleware offers a plethora of solutions for various integration challenges, more so than that offered by proprietary conventional solutions. Organizations now that are looking to the future have recognized that with the correct open source middleware they have the opportunity to be superiorly agile and interoperable while enjoying a substantial amount of cost savings.

Talend has placed itself at the forefront of this market shift and Neuswyft is right there beside them on this endeavor. Talend offers its open source middleware to global businesses and governments and has provided their technology to some of the biggest multinational corporations. Talend is without a doubt, a visionary in the open source middleware market and not only do they offer great products but also provide the best customer service, data management, application integrations, and so many more value-added services.


Benefits of Open Source Middleware solutions

This type of software solution is flexible and powerful. With this powerful tool, an IT group has the ability to reliably and efficiently solve a number of challenges related to application integration and data integration. Some of the challenges that this type of software can address include:

• ​Integration of Data – you can find many solutions from Talend. They offer complete systems as well as simple solutions such as data profiler. You can find a master end to end data management as well as ETL data warehouse projects compatible with the technology. The technology is designed in such a way that allows businesses to boost their productivity across a number of different projects once they implement the software appropriately. Here at Neuswyft, we make use of this toolset from Talend to provide you our clients with the best possible customized solution for your needs.

• ​Integration of Enterprise Application – The offerings for Talend include comprehensive solutions as well as basic lightweight solutions. Bus solutions are an example of lightweight flexible options and an open source SOA is an example of a comprehensive framework. When it comes to service integration, will leverage and extend your popular Apache projects like CXF, Camel, and Karaf. You will be happy to know that Talend has their engineers leading in these types of projects so they are always ahead of the scale.

Value-Added Services that Can Never Be Matched

You will find community edition solutions for application and data integration. These solutions are available for download for free and can be used under the GPL and Apache open source licenses. These solutions can be easily deployed thanks to how they are packaged. They also are backed by comprehensive documentation and a lot of examples. It is available on demand training resources such as webinars and tutorials that can be used freely to help provide knowledge on working with the solutions.

Talend facilitates to interact with all their open source Middleware users via Forums where users can share questions and ideas as well as share how they make use of their application extensions. There are also a number of Enterprise Editions offered by Talend for deployments of the mission-critical kind. We make use of Talend Enterprise Editions to provide clients with scalability, functionality and top-notch technical support providing more than the free open source package has to offer.

Learn how we can use data integration solutions from Talend to help you benefit from this integration tool. Talend’s proprietary solutions coupled with our experience and expertise takes all the work out for you so you can simply reap the benefits without all the hassle of hiring and training new staff to work.