Mulesoft Middleware Solutions

Mulesoft Middleware Solutions

MuleSoft has its headquarters in San Francisco California. This software company provides the public with integration software that connects devices, data, and applications. Mulesoft has Anypoint platform and studio that allows you to tie together on-premises software with software as a service (SaaS).

Here at Neuswyft, we have partnered to offer you Mulesoft Middleware Solutions. Along with SaaS, there is also Mule ESB which is a platform that allows for the connection of on-premises enterprise applications to the cloud. This platform was designed to offer point to point integration code for businesses that need a custom solution.

With our help, you can get the solutions you need to run your microservices. We offer:

1. MuleSoft Systems Integration – With a migration tool developed specifically to help you the client transform your middleware tooling from your current vendor to MuleSoft. We provide extensible open platforms that are suitable to ensure that your organization works seamlessly with a number of third-party systems. The approach we take is low risk and combines a high return on investment along with automation, pattern-based frameworks and ensures your investments are made with a low total cost of ownership. With our integration services, you will get interoperability which will allow for the streamlining of your operations. You can easily plug this solution into building automation, access control, facilities management, SSO, customer portals, websites, HR systems, and management systems to name a few.

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your Systems Integration with the help of MuleSoft.

2. DevOps – We understand the different cultures of organizations that are Dev-Ops enabled and those that are traditional thanks to our years of experience working alongside both. We understand what it takes to get from one culture to the next and our staff is trained to make the transition and ultra-smooth one. We offer continuous delivery and continuous integration.

When you choose us for your DevOps transition we use MuleSoft components to manage the entire life cycle including automated testing frameworks, integrated pipelines, and Agile methodology.

3. Multi-Channel Enablement – We can provide you with a means to quickly and easily adapt to one or more of our reference architecture options and cloud-enable accelerators that are pluggable. With MuleSoft we can help you to create a 30% reduction in effort. Multi-channel has now become so much more than connecting system A to system B but it provides a means to provide for future needs as they arise.

ESB Solutions

We can implement an ESB architecture that will leverage your current systems and also expose them to innovative applications. With the use of Anypoint studio, there can be an embedding of the Mule runtime engine into the ESB architecture.

ESB is the way to ensure a modern enterprise. If you are a company that is looking for a way to modernizes your value and unlock your potential then ESB is a good match for you. This foundation layer is very critical and will help provide application and data integration across SaaS applications as well as across legacy systems.

We can provide unified connectivity and deliver your ESB patterns with the use of the Anypoint platform from Mulesoft. Integrations can be built for the extension of legacy series APIs and also for SOA re-platforming.

With ESB you have the power to get your integration projects done 3 times faster with scalable ESB architecture, monitoring, and management that are all designed to be future proof and can all be run by the push of a button whether in hybrid environments, on-premises or in the cloud.
With our ESB solutions from Mulesoft, you can build and host services in its lightweight host existing services.

This solution can also help with the orchestration and mediation of services.
This solution allows you the opportunity to separate message format from protocols so that there are long term flexibility and rapid development.
With Mulesoft’s ESB services we can help to expose the composite application and coordinate the services that will support your business processes.

The solution helps with the routing and delivery of both messages and events. It will help to filter, aggregate and re-sequence messages based on preset content filters and rules as needed. The solution offers the delivery of asynchronous events as well as synchronous events including routing, streaming, and transactions.

ESB also allows for the mapping and transformation of data even the most complex data structures with the use of DataWeave which is a data query language. Data can be transformed both to and from across a number of different transport protocols. This is true of different types of data and there is even the feature for the enhancement of incomplete messages. With Mules build in batch capabilities we can move enormous amounts of data between data sources or applications.

SAP Integration Solutions

With SAP integrations you can use us and our MuleSoft partnership to future proof your business needs in the cloud, on-premises or a combination of both. With the ability to connect SAP at any place and to anything this is truly an innovative endeavor. We can help you to maximize your SAP investments. We can also help you to connect SAP to third-party systems. With SAP systems in place, you can simplify all migration to the cloud thereby causing a reduction in downtime.

With certified connectors, you can easily integrate SAP systems with us. With the use of pre-built SAP, connectors development can be sped up and SAP can be connected to practically any device, any system, and an app. These connectors can also help with integrating SAP systems with non-SAP systems such as Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon and more. We can even help you to build your very own API’s.

When you are working in the cloud you can have a flexible architecture with the right migration and integration SAP systems in place.

SAAS Salesforce Integration Solutions

Salesforce can be connected to enterprise applications on-premises or in the cloud thanks to the Anypoint Platform. With Mulesoft you can have a better salesforce experience allowing for 3 times faster connections while ensuring unmatched reliability. You can unlock your back office and leverage APIs allowing for easy connection to legacy systems, ERP and CRM.
With Mulesoft you can future proof your integrations with Salesforce and provide a number of connected digital experiences to end users. Salesforce can be integrated with applications such as ServiceNow and Marketo along with others to provide a consistent delivery to your customers across a variety of channels while increasing the satisfaction of your customers and driving the growth of revenue.
You can use this integration to take advantage of ERO back office applications that will allow you to leverage your CRM’s full potential. By connecting Salesforce to ERP in real time you can automate your business processes for a smoother workflow.
With Mulesoft Saas Integration you can future proof your architecture for any type of change with your APIs and any applications that are coupled with them.

Workday Integration Hybrid Solutions

Many companies are shifting from on-premises systems to cloud systems. While the shift is taking place, many companies thereby are making use of hybrid solutions that support their needs both on-premises as well as in the cloud. With Workday Integration hybrid solutions from Mulesoft, we can help you transition or we can help you make the most of both worlds.

When creating this connectivity between cloud-based systems and on-premises systems there are a number of challenges that can arise. This is where Neuswyfts experience and partnership with Mulesoft can benefit you and your business. We can help you to ensure that your business is not disrupted as you go through any part of this transition.

Workday allows for a number of different options for the management of human capital and management of finances. Workday allows clients to track performance, helps with employee onboarding, HR management, career development, compensation, payroll and accounting, revenue, expenses, and other financial needs.

The task of Workday integration is best left to the experts as there is the requirement for a lot of synchronization of business processes and software with Workday. Connectivity must be created with on-premises databases which will help to ensure that the business figureheads has a comprehensive view of their employees that is necessary to run their business as efficiently as possible.

By integrating SaaS providers with Workday there is created a single customer view for you the client. Inside this one view, you will have access to a variety of legacy systems including SaaS and applications in the cloud which will provide the hybrid connectivity that will allow for crucial enterprise tasks to be carried out efficiently. As your number of endpoints grows, the complexity of your operation grows as well. When this happens the use of simple tools will not be able to deliver the best results. What you need is a comprehensive solution under which you can manage all your human and financial components and we can help you to put it into place.