Infor ION and Infor OS services

Infor ION and Infor OS services

Infor ION is an intelligent open network middleware that is powerful and can help with the simplification of software integration. Int4egrations can be done with Infor along with other third-party enterprise systems. During this type of integration there is the elimination of information silos thanks to the Infor Intelligent Open Network which is their middleware cloud platform which is quite advanced. This solution will provide you with all the flexibility your operation needs to ensure that enterprise systems and complex web systems can work together.

The design enables long term sustainability which allows for an optimized return on this technological investment.  The beauty of this solution is that if one application fails or requires replacement or upgrading the entire network does not need to go down to facilitate any necessary changes. The benefits of this design is that system maintenance is less complex and less costly and that information can be accessed in real time.


Benefits of These Infor Services

1-Easy integration of both third-party software and Infor applications.

2-Easy to improve exception management with the creation of alerts and workflow

3-Easy to design business processes without any involvement in IT

4-Easy to change business processes without any involvement with IT

5-Easy to design business processes without any involvement with IT

6-Makes it easy to monitor all aspects of your business.

7-Helps with the connection of applications to different events in your business process

With Infor ION And Infor OS services, you can simplify the integration of third-party applications. This can all be done while still streamlining the process of your business and improve your business performance. The technology is powerful yet simple and scalable at the same time and can provide clients with end to end efficiency which is unrivalled.

Infor ION will help to provide your business with visibility and will also help with mobile access issues. With Infor ION those who need information will be able to find that information readily. End users have the ability to monitor the issues critical to their businesses from product problems to sales opportunities. This is all provided via mobile devices while the administrators will have the ability to monitor and administer as they see fit.

The solution also helps with the automation of alerts and notifications for key issues. With proactive monitoring, documentation of traffic, managing the status of workflow has never been easier. The solution helps to identify exceptions in the workflow, allows for the monitoring of the key performance indicators and allows you to gain visibility into the overall efficiency of your business’s network.

End to End Efficiency

We all know that business organizational systems evolve over time and so the technological landscape can at times be very complicated. When systems get disconnected and there are information silos there is typically resulting inefficiencies. This can cause missed opportunities and costly requirements for maintenance.

With 10x; the latest release from Infor you can have major enhancements to your integration platform and enhance scalability. Enhanced scalability can help businesses to easily manage transaction and user volume

Infor ION thrives on efficiency and simplicity. With technology inspired by the internet when one application goes down not the entire system goes down. All Infor ION applications will publish in XML this helps to move organizations away from complex middleware stacks providing total harmony. This powerful integration platform allows business systems to share the information which thereby translates into common XML which is the standardized language.

Infor ION allows for the synchronization and acceleration of a number of interrelated systems that are distinct but communicate with each other. Infor ION’s heart is a connective network that allows for the exchange of information flexibly and quickly. The solution helps to unify all the parts and so ensures streamlining of business processes.

Infor Components

Pulse – This part allows your business to transmit documents internally via a data feed. These messages can be monitored quite easily but it is not simply about monitoring the messages. The data feed is enhanced with contextual intelligence that can help you make the right decisions within a faster timeframe. It allows for at-will searching, browsing of all transactions, displaying the complete ION feed with all transactions right on your mobile screen or desktop.

Workflow & Events – This goes to the human side of your business allowing you the opportunity to create, monitor and standardize your business processes and change workflow when you want to. With the business rules, you define this part of ION will detect exceptions. It will allow for the quick development and deployment of workflow that works across applications. This will detect any events that did not happen that was supposed to and can alert the right people so these business issues can be addressed most timely fashion. This part of ION can also provide automated approvals for document routing worldwide.

Activity Deck – This is a Pulse client that allows for interaction and viewing of information received from the pulse. The information can be received on a mobile device or via desktop computer and will allow you the opportunity to inspect and modify the processes created in the Workflow and Events management tool. Activity Deck allows you to get notifications whenever there are events occurring outside of the rules you set up. The appropriate manager will be notified automatically and will have the ability to filter tasks through old, pending, highest priority, etc. This tool has a built-in search so critical information can be quickly and easily accessed.

Intelligence – With this tool you will be able to run your business and be able to deliver management data that is accurate, clear and relevant so that effective action can be taken in a timely manner. This particular tool will help with transitional system performance because the reporting function has its own dedicated supporting services, providing better results. This tool can help to show up issues that could be affecting the business in different areas that would be hard to recognize otherwise.

Let’s Connect – Let us help you to integrate Infor ION And OS services that will help to improve your businesses process and performance.